Friday, March 9, 2012


Don't know what's come over me but sometimes I get on a roll with a theme. For some reason I've turned this week to actor's business cards. They're a great promotional tool in a convenient size. Rather that carrying around an 8x10 headshot with a resume on the back, these are a great option for an impromptu opportunity. These types of business cards are not only limited for actors but can be used by singers, dancers, models and musicians among others.
This is a really convenient size as it easily fits in a wallet. It has all the basic information in a contemporary black panel.

Another option is the chubby size business card. Obviously it incorporates a larger headshot, but this style accommodates a condensed version of an actor's resume on the reverse.

Can't decide on which headshot to use? Why not use three on a triptych version of a chubby business card. A name and main contact information stands out below in the black panel with a short version of a resume on the reverse.
A regular sized business card takes advantage of the entire space by filling the front and reverse with two separate photos. Contact information stands out in a slightly-transparent black panel.


Use a headshot with a white background to make an impression with just a name next to the photo. The reverse reveals a feminine floral background that can easily be customized to any color in order to highlight contact information. This version is displayed in a bright purple.
Whatever the choice, consider using a business card to promote yourself as an actor or performer. They're an easy, convenient and inexpensive way to take your career to the top!

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